Throw Back Thursday: Yay Us!

I am super cool and hip with my #TBT post.  This is an oldie, but goody from the winter of 2012, I believe.  It was before my cake decorating classes while my interest in the hobby was just budding.  There is, of course, a story involved, but first, the cake:


Even the picture is blurry. Photography skillz.

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Ugh, What Is It With Good-bye Cakes?

You know, I should really open a business that specializes in the “Good-bye Cake.” Say good-bye to your co-worker, loved one, significant other (The “It’s not you it’s me” cake??) with one of my creations! Do they like some geeky fan base, or pretty flowers, or baked goods that look like 5-year-old’s made them? DONE.

In all seriousness, I was enlisted to create, once again, a cake for a good-bye party. This time, for the husband’s former boss. The best part was the cake was a surprise! Although she knew she was getting a cake, she didn’t know what it was going to look like or who made it, bwaha!

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A Delicious Present

Let’s not dwell on the fact that it’s been…a while since I’ve done a post.  Let’s just pretend we are good old friends that only see each other a few times a year, but nothing has changed between the gaps of time we are not together.  We’ll just pick up right where we left off!

It’s that time of year again.  Baking supplies are on sale, there are constant plates of cookies and candies at work, and people are breaking their diets with promises of doing better in the new year.  Bottom line: it’s one of the busiest baking seasons of the year.  And this, my friends, is my baking present to you:


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Goodbyes Are Made Easier With Cake

Here we are again… some more goodbye cakes.  Two of my best work friends left within one week of each other and in an attempt to not feel the sadness of their upcoming departure, I buried myself in the projects of making their goodbye party cakes.  Wicked emo, I know.  But, look at what emo can do!:

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Suddenly, Birthday Cakes!

Well… it’s been a while.  For various reasons (buying a house, moving, general lack of motivation, laziness, etc.), I have been completely out of touch with the blogging universe.  But, don’t you worry your pretty little heads- there was still plenty of cake making and decorating going on behind the scenes.  I just haven’t blogged about it yet!

To end this hiatus, I will start with three birthday cakes.  First up, a cake for the husband on his 31st birthday:

Look at that silly filler plant thing on the side.

Look at that silly filler plant thing on the side.

Unlike his last birthday cake request, I came up with this one all on my own! Knowing his (sometimes obsessive) love of peanut butter cups, it was the obvious choice!  The hardest part was getting the “peanut butter cup” effect on the side.
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Bake-mas Continues!

I’ve lost count with how many days of Bake-mas it has been, but I have a few more holiday goodies to show you (now that the world hasn’t ended…..yet).

First up, some delicious tree-topped cupcakes that I made for my husband’s work holiday party:

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Cake specs:  The actual cupcake was a red velvet recipe I got from my Betty Crocker cookbook. It was my first time making red velvet anything, but I had always wanted to.  What better time than for Christmas where one of the main colors is RED?
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On the First Day of Bake-mas…

…My oven gave to meeee: snowflake-covered brownies!

It's their best side.

It’s their best side.

Over the weekend, I made some brownies for my co-workers and friends at my second job- Curry College (also where I went to undergrad!).  What I had originally wanted to do was get one of those brownie pans that have the cutter inserts to make even- looking pieces, but I couldn’t find one anywhere for a reasonable price.  What I did find was a Wilton pan that had individual chambers to pour the batter into.  It didn’t make as many brownies as I was hoping, but it made some nicely-shaped larger bar ones that worked just as well!  And I think the snowflake design looks really good on this size and shape, too.
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